Sunday, June 13, 2010

WWKIP day/week

Yesterday I was so excited to meet up with my friends jcoop and knitonepurltoo for a little knitting in public at The Slow Train Cafe.  Slow Train is a new coffeehouse/cafe type of place that I think will quickly gain in popularity.  When I got there yesterday the place was jam-packed with people watching World Cup soccer (England v. USA) but luckily my friends had already secured a table ... whew!  We sat there for a few hours, happily chatting and knitting away on our socks.  jcoop was knitting a pattern from WendyKnits (I don't remember which one, though), knitonepurltoo was knitting Leyburn socks and I was knitting Treads (<-- Rav link!).  What a great way to spend a weekend afternoon, just hanging out with friends!  I hope there will be more of this fun and fellowship over the summer months.  Maybe I could stand a chance of actually FINISHING something if I have nice long blocks of knitting time?

Right now, though, it's time for breakfast.  I think the Mr. is in the kitchen chefing something up ... yum!  I am also going to nuzzle with the new kitty (who's going to the vet tomorrow).  That little guy totally has me wrapped around his little paw!


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