Wednesday, June 15, 2005

countdown to the big 3-0

YIKES!!! i turn 30 in just less than 2 months. this is a big deal for me, and i've been thinking about this milestone for over a year already. so i thought i'd ask my knitting friends to tell me about when you turned 30. what were you doing at that time in your life? work, school, marriage, kids? how did you feel about turning 30? how did you celebrate? any advice you want to share? got good recipes or knitting patterns to pass on to a martha stewart wanna-be? (hey i figure rather than be all depressed and angst-ridden, i'll ward off the bad vibes with good food and good knittin'!) tell me, tell me! i'm thinking of making a scrapbook or something to commemmorate the "real" beginning of my adulthood :-)


  1. Thirty wasn't a problem - I was too busy chasing after a 6 year old & a 2 year old to notice. I went kicking and screaming into 40, and didn't notice either 50 or 60 except in passing. Age is what you allow it to be (if I don't stop to think and count the years, I'm still around 34 in my mind and I keep wondering who that stranger is in the mirror) and not all that bad when you consider the alternative! {g}

  2. That's sweet of you to donate your hair. Happy birthday, and enjoy your new life and new looks!

  3. It's only been a little over three years, but I don't remember turning thirty at all. Guess I wasn't paying enough attention.

  4. Well, I hated turning 25 and liked 30 much better. However, a couple of weeks before my 30th birthday, my step-father died of cancer, so my mom came down to Atlanta to see me and we went to a Spa for my birthday weekend. It was a great weekend for the two of us and I know she needed the weekend more than I did.

    So, do something fun as age is just a number.

  5. It is funny, I'm not sure about turning 30. I do remember it being the first year that I got cards about AGE! That was a bit much.

    Still this is a good question. I'm turning 50 and I want to ask people about that. The hardest thing about 30 was the sense of not being far enough along on the 'do it all' track. Just ended (or would soon end) a relationship because the guy didn't want to get married. Started my first computer programming job and didn't feel successful enough yet. Life improved at about 31 and my career took a better turn.

    It was good to have my 20's over with. My friends and I were more settled down after that but we didn't stop evolving.

    Good luck with turning 30 in your pear tree.


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