Friday, June 03, 2005

damn glad it's friday

what a week! i woke up on tuesday with a sore throat. it felt all red and hot and scratchy. by wednesday i was starting to get a little congested. on top of all that i was getting all crampy and cranky due to, well, "girl stuff." yesterday i felt like i got hit by a mack truck, i was all achy and hot and my head throbbed something awful. i was in bed by 8pm (which is a little extremely early for me). of course i was wide awake by midnight and was up most of the rest of the morning. surely my body doesn't really believe that 4 hours of sleep is enough?! anyway, i dosed myself with sudafed around 4:30am so i could breathe. i thought about taking a sick day but the sudafed is still working so i should be good for most of the day, i hope. after work i'm going to NAM's house for dinner and ice cream (YAY!) and maybe i'll knit some more of the baby bonnet. then i'll go home and get my sick ass in the bed.

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