Thursday, June 09, 2005

the final countdown

last night i was so geeked about getting my hair cut today that i could hardly sleep. yeah, i know, i need a life :-) this morning after my shower i took a very unofficial measurement of my ponytail and i think it exceeds the minimum 10" length by close to an inch. i washed it and ponytailed it, so if my stylist simply cuts the ponytail off first, i should be all set to put my "locks of love" in the mail this weekend. i plan to take pics at the salon, as SOON as i'm shorn. when i get home i'll put 'em up on the blog.

in knitting news, i worked on clapotis last night but made a mistake and had to tink back about 2 rows. i think i still had an error but i fudged a fix and am moving right along. this project is #1 priority, the red scarf is #2 (i haven't yet restarted that), and the baby stuff is #3. i need to, in the words of the inimitable james brown, get on the goodfoot!

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