Tuesday, June 14, 2005

red scarf redux

you may remember that i was having trouble with the red scarf i'm knitting. welllllll, i decided to make a long skinny scarf, to make it easier to keep track of stitches -and- easier to find any mistakes. it's turning out well! sorry for the crappy picture. i think the hearts will really stand out better once the scarf is properly blocked. i love the seed stitch border! my next challenge is to find an alternative for the "k4tog" that forms the humps of the heart. i'm thinking that if i knit 2 together twice, then pass one stitch over the other, that should do the trick, be a lot less of a PITA and be a little faster.


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  2. Anonymous9:59 AM GMT-5

    Love the hearts. I wouldn't want to do purl 4 together either. All the knitting librarians in Chicago before I get there can check out the yarn shops in Chicago and let me know which is the best. (In your spare time, right?)


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