Wednesday, June 08, 2005

i'm a hair machine

at least that's what my best friend calls me. here's hair is well below shoulder length, after having been only a couple inches long 2-1/2 years ago. well on sunday, i decided that in my effort to minimize as much of the drama and stress from my life as possible, the long, high-maintenance hair has to GO! i'm tired of spending a bunch of time every morning combing and styling my hair, and pulling hair out of my shower drain, etc. plus, a large part of the reason i grew it out was because my ex loved it so much. i am so excited i can hardly stand it. wish i could get it done now LOL but i must wait until tomorrow at 3pm.

i love my hair long, but i love it even more when it's short (we're talking less than an inch of hair left!). it's cute, it's incredibly sexy (to me, at least) and best of all it's low-maintenance! this time, though, i've decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization
which donates hair pieces to children who are suffering from medical hair loss.

i've already taken a "before" picture; tomorrow i will post that and the "after" pic.

now for the obligatory bit of knitting content, yay! i was planning to work on clapotis last night but realized i left my knitting bag here at work. DOH! that's a damn good place for it, huh? i hope to have some knitting time this weekend. i would like to:

  • knit more of clapotis
  • re-start that red scarf
  • start the baby sweater or booties
  • maybe work on red sock #1. i'd like to practice doing short-row heels on this pair rather than heel flaps.

and now, back to your regularly scheduled work day.


  1. That's an amazing gift to give to Locks of Love. I can't wait to see your before and after pictures! There's nothing like a liberating haircut.

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  3. You go girl! I just chopped all of my hair off for the same reason. It's so liberating. I cant wait to see the pics. I'll be in Col's this weekend for the OSU graduation. Any yarn shops that you can recommend?

  4. Anonymous7:23 AM GMT-5

    Eboni, I am so excited for you. What wonderful thing to do. Can't wait to see your new short haircut.

  5. Anonymous7:38 AM GMT-5

    Your new hair is awesome!
    Karen, the Klicker


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