Saturday, November 14, 2009

anyone want to test knit a pattern for me?

a couple years ago, i designed a neat scarf pattern (  while i do like this stockinette version, it has an annoying tendency to curl, thus the pretty heart lace pattern doesn't show up very well.  i've been meaning to test knit a garter stitch version for, like, EVER and still haven't gotten 'round to it, so i thought i'd enlist some help from fellow knitters.  i recently revised the pattern and i am pretty sure that i did it right, but it would help me a lot to have another set of eyes (and needles) to test this out and let me know how it works.  if you're interested please leave me a comment, and i'll send you the pattern! of course you won't have to knit the whole thing ... just a few pattern repeats would be plenty.  and if you'd be kind enough to email me a photo, too, i will include it in the .pdf pattern that will be posted on ravelry.  how cool is that?

thanks so much for considering this request, even in the midst of preparing for the upcoming winter holidays.  i, like you, am busy making lists of gifts that i'd like to give to family and friends ... some will be knitted, some will be baked, some may be bought.  but all will be given with lots of love and that's what counts, right?

enjoy the rest of this beautiful mid-november weather!


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