Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Day 3

I had so much fun with a group of knitting friends from work today! On Tuesday nights we meet up in Azariah's, the library cafe, after work for an hour or so of knitting. I made so much progress on Eric's sock #1 ... almost finished with the heel. Yay!! Another woman in the group was knitting a long sleeved t-shirt out of laceweight silk. It was turning out to be a beautiful fabric. I'd love to try knitting one myself. Next week I'll try to remember to ask her where she found the pattern. There was also a new knitter there who was knitting her first scarf. The rest of us are so excited to enable her as much as possible! I think her next project will be a hat in the round on circular needles. How exciting ... I'm proud to be a pretty good enabler. Just ask my friends!

Well now. It's taken me forever to write this post. I've been writing between folding loads of laundry and watching some of my shows that were recorded in the DVR. That's enough housework for one night. It's high time I turn of the computer, go get a midnight snack and cozy up with this sock and finish the heel already. I'm happy that I'm working the late shift tomorrow and can sleep in a bit in the morning.

Talk to y'all again tomorrow!


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