Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gotta keep going

Thanks to PatchworkGirl for encouraging me to keep going with the daily (or almost daily) blogging. I only wish I had something interesting to say today. Oh, well here's one thing: I ordered a copy of the "Warm Me Up" pattern (see the post for "Day 5" listed below). I went to a yarn shop in Columbus over the weekend, and it wasn't there but they will order and mail it to me ... Yay! I was hoping to buy the yarn for the pattern too, but they didn't have that either.

Oh well. I can't keep my eyes open so ... goodnight!


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  1. Let me add my encouagement for you to blog and visit often. I don't post a new blog everyday, but try to do several a week. That keeps me pretty busy, since I have 3 blogs. Don't know if you visited my other ones; but do....love visitors.

    How's things going in your new area?

    Sorry you didn't get the yarn and pattern you wanted.



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