Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Day 4

Late last night/early this morning before I went to sleep I checked my email and was shocked to see that a dear internet friend, Ronnie Graudins, had passed away earlier in the evening. The email message came from her son, who sent the message to everyone in her email address book. Ronnie was such a wonderfully warm, caring spirit. I never got to meet her in person, but we kept in touch frequently through email ... most recently just about a week ago. She always had a kind word or bit of wisdom when I needed it, and there certainly were times when I needed it! I loved her positive outlook on life, and how she was always giving of herself, to family, friends (even if she never met them) and other loved ones. I'm so happy and proud to have gotten to know her over the past several years and will really miss her.

I wish I could post a photo of the note my honey left me this morning, but my cell phone is acting ignorant today. Anyway, he left it for me in the bathroom closet (where I keep towels, jewelry, toiletries, etc). After my shower I opened the closet to get my lotion I saw the note there on the shelf. A man of few words, he is. The note simply said, "Eboni, I love you!!! -Eric" How sweet is that? I blush a little every time I think of it or look at the photo I took of it :-)


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