Sunday, November 15, 2009

thinking ... just thinking ... about getting organized


i have a yarn stash.  i know, you're like, well DUH.

but as you can imagine or might have seen, it is a fairly substantial stash.  not as huge as others i've seen, for sure, but i think i have enough yarn to comfortably knit for several years -- decades, maybe -- without buying a single ball, skein or hank more AND without spinning any additional yarn from the fiber that's in my stash.

at one point i tried, however half-heartedly, to photograph my yarn and post the photos and deets to my ravelry stash.  that was a pathetic attempt.  then i thought maybe it would work better if i photographed and posted the yarn as i used it.  neat idea but that didn't work too well either.  so what's a girl to do when she has a nice stash but not a good way to quickly know what's in it ... besides going in the craft room and pawing through all the bins?

so, i'm totally stealing this idea from cory and start a weekly "stash appreciation" day.  the idea is that every week on stash appreciation day, i will take a yarn from my stash, take a photo, post to rav and then blog about it.  so the goal here is not only to catalog what i own, but to be able to more easily "shop" from my own stash before considering buying more!  although i have to admit, i have over $300 worth of goodies on my knitpicks wishlist and i'm just DYING to buy it all.  it's not all yarn though; i need a swift (which is the most expensive single item on the list), some blocking mats and other tools (like split ring stitch markers and a darning egg).  the rest is yarn, though, and reflects my ongoing obsession with sock yarn and lace weight yarn :-)  seriously, i don't think i've knitted with anything heavier than sock yarn (and size 2 needles) all year long.  my current projects are both on size 0!!). 

unfortunately, none of this photographing can take place until i get my camera back.  i had to send it off to canon for servicing (the image sensor went bad -- again!) and hope to get it back soon.  meantime, i'll keep thinking about my stash organization, and of course i'll keep on knitting!



  1. It is not the size of the yarn stash, but the quality that counts. ;-) But I do believe that it should be big enough that you can have those serendipitous moments where you come across a skein or two that you had completely forgotten about. My stash is room-sized and is mostly unspun. I live in crippling fear of moths.

  2. Wow~ A bunch of yarn :) Well, I think I have enough in my stash for the winter. {thanks to you and your lovely donation. *Hugs* }

    Thanks for stopping my blog. I am loving Ravelry.

    Take Care~


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