Friday, November 13, 2009

sock frustration!

so. i have reknitted this sock heel for the 3rd time i think, but it's still not quite right. see, when i finished the leg and divided the stitches for the heel/foot, i had to do so in such a way that i ended up with 52 stitches on needle 1 and 48 stitches on needle 2. no big deal. but the heel was supposed to be knitted on the 52 needle 1 stitches. what did i do? i didn't read the pattern and i did them on the 48 needle 2 stitches. grrrrrrr ... i flat-out refuse to rip and reknit this stupid heel, especially since i had to spend a lot of time untangling the yarn from the other 2 times i ripped it out. so, i'm just going to get on with it as-freakin'-is, and do the same thing for the second sock ... IF i can ever get to that point -sigh- i would REALLY like to have these socks done in time to gift to my honey for christmas, but lately i've been thinking of other holiday knitting i would like to do:
    • a set of dishcloths for my momma
    • a set of washcloths and/or a set of hand towels for my grandmother
    • hats for my nephews
    • a handmade gift for a white elephant exchange with my knitty friends
    • maybe a nice set of dish/wash cloths for my honey's mom 
    • and of course a bunch of holiday baking for friends and family. 
the baking is the sort of thing that i would ordinarily do the week or so before christmas.  this year, though,  i'm heading out to tucson on december 20 so that will severely abbreviate my baking time.  i guess i COULD bake before i leave and mail out the gifts before vacation.  or i could wait and have a more leisurely time of it once i get back.  i figure if gifts are received before the new year then they're TECHnically not late :-)  wonder if the gift receivers will see it that way!

well, dear readers, mz really must get back to this pile of stuff on my desk that needs to be handled before the end of business today.  here's hopinig y'all are having a wonderful friday and are gearing up for a fun weekend.  if you're in northeast or north central ohio like i am, be ready for more unseasonably warm temperatures ... get out there and enjoy!!


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