Saturday, November 07, 2009

Day 7

Unfortunately, I had to rip out that sock heel. It just didn't look or feel right ... It was a little too narrow and the corners were kinda pointy and just ugh. So I ripped it and started reknitting. I think I can fix the problem by leaving more "live" stitches unworked before I start the 2nd half of the short row heel. The pattern called for 17 wrapped stitches on either side of 18 live stitches. But another short row heel pattern that I've made before called for leaving 20% of the total stitches unworked. So since I have 100 stitches around, that means 20 stitches unworked for the heel. I am not sure that 2 stitches will make that big a difference in the way the heel turns out but I won't know until I try, right? If it doesn't quite work I am NOT going to rip and re-knit. Maybe I can block it into submission! I have a little time to work on it a bit more before I meet up with my sister-in-law for lunch and maybe a little shopping. Wish me luck!


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